Lieliskie% - mēneša izdevīgākie atlaižu piedāvājumi no "Lieliska dāvana”!

Akcijas periods 01.08.2020. - 31.08.2020.
  • Sacral ritual "Balinese flower tale"

The sacred ritual will envelop you in summer mood. Let body, mind, and soul merge into unity around the restored balance! Steaming in a cedar wood barrel, full body massage, exotic lotus and frangipani essences will relax your body and mind – and flow of energy will be restored. 1 person / 1 hour / 70 EUR - 50% = 35 EUR

  • Adventure for friends with sailing yacht "Raido"

Water, peace, sun, and wind is a great vacation and a fantastic adventure. Exactly what you need to recuperate and get energy. Enjoy the peace and energy on a cruise along the Daugava with the Raido sailing yacht. 2-5 persons / 1 hour / 49 EUR - 30% = 34, 30 EUR

  • Visit to Lielupe Wellness center

 A visit to the Lielupe Wellness Water Relaxation Center will allow you to regenerate and regain energy, as well as take care of your health and well-being. Swimming pool access, cascades and underwater massage jets, children's pool, jacuzzi, contrast showers, Finnish sauna, Turkish steam bath, gym. 2 persons / 2 hours / 28 EUR -20% = 22.40 EUR

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