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We, Apotheka, are one of the most rapidly developing pharmacy networks in Latvia. We are proud to deliver the less popular medication within 24 hours and to manufacture medication in accordance with the doctor's prescription. Our clients can order unregistered medication from Germany as well. To our customers we provide highly qualified pharmaceutical care in modern pharmacies and offer a wide range of prescribed medication and self-medication, food supplements, medical devices, hygiene products and medicinal teas. Hypertension patients are able to measure their blood pressure and to receive pharmaceutical hypertension care. Apotheka - your happiness formula!

Phone: 6786 9327
Web: https://www.apotheka.lv/

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Dāvana par Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume balzama pirkumu (dāvanā- Bioderma Atoderm SOS Spray 50 ml) 04.04.2018. - 04.05.2018.
BABE EXTRA MILD SHAMPOO 500ml par 250 ml cenu 04.04.2018. - 04.05.2018.

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