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Zemūdens pasaka, bērnu rotaļu laukums
2866 9860
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Zemūdens pasaka, bērnu rotaļu laukums

Various children's attractions are located in the new, 300 square meters, playground - such as toy construction for children of different ages, ball pools, mazes, slides, interactive games, children's gymnastics and other activities.

Mummies with babies have a comfortable room for changing their diapers and feeding them.

We also offer children's parties. Order it: it will rejoice the children and make it easier for You to arrange the celebration.

Both parents and children will be happy while attending the playground.

Phone: 2866 9860
Zemūdens pasaka, bērnu rotaļu laukums

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Stundas apmeklējums tikai 4,00 EUR š.g. 30.janvārī un 27.februārī 30.01.2020. - 30.01.2020.

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