Loyalty card app

Dear Domina Shopping Loyalty App users! 

We inform that in January 2023 the accumulated loyalty points will be exchanged for a Domina Shopping Gift Cards. If you have accumulated at least 7 loyalty points, we kindly invite you to receive a Gift Card for the appropriate amount at the Domina Shopping Information Center.

You can check the accumulated points and find out the value of the Gift Card you can get if you visit the following address>>

We also inform you that in January 2023, no points with Loyalty App will be accumulated; a new point accumulation period will start on 1 February 2023 and will last until June 30, 2023.

However, when making purchases, always remember to present your Loyalty App - in stores where full prices for goods upon presentation of Domina Shopping Loyalty Card are subject to a discount, you will receive a discount also in January.

Present your Domina Shopping Loyalty App in stores before making a purchase, get discounts and accumulate points!

For accumulation of points, you can register purchase cash receipts from stores, cafes and service centers participating in the Domina Shopping Loyalty App program. The Loyalty App also provides permanent discounts of up to 15% in more than 150 sales points at the Domina Shopping.