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Contemporary chain of 21st century optics shops in Europe for a broad public. Expert in optics and style offering pretty glasses, stylish sunglasses, contact lenses and vision examination that is available to anyone. The spacious self-service sector, comfortable environment of the shop and advanced technologies will make your shopping informative and entertaining.

Shopping within the framework of VIZIONETTE concept shop will be both entertaining and educational.

  • DO IT YOURSELF ZONE - In this zone you will be able to perform ultrasound cleaning of glasses, small repairs, for example, replacement of screws or nose supports, to refill the glass-care liquid free of charge and learn some interesting information on vision by using audio guide.
  • NIKON LENSES ZONE - with the aid from our specialists, in this zone you will find out everything about the advantages and differences of Nikon glass lenses to be able to select the ones most suitable for you.
  • EYE SPA - use the possibility to pamper your eyes with a gentle air pressure massage to reduce the dark circles under your eyes, improve the blood circulation in the eye area, as well as simply enjoy relaxation.

Pasaules Optika shines forth as VIZIONETTE

27 years have passed since the opening of the first Pasaules Optika shop. In order to ensure the best service and keep up with the trends of the 21st century, Pasaules Optika began the changes in 2019: the shops turned into VIZIONETTE. Just like in the shops of Pasaules Optika, in VIZIONETTE you will find an even wider selection of glasses the most suitable for you and will gain a unique shopping experience with your favourite customer consultants and optometrists!

Phone: 2785 6955

Store offers

Cvantus starting from 90 EUR 27.08.2019. - 31.12.2019.

Buy Cvantus eyewear (frame + 2 anti-reflex lenses + production) starting from 90 EUR.

Cvantus is a unique Latvian brand of fashion and sun protection eyewear, which draws its inspiration from the one component the Latvian climate lacks the most: the sun and the light it radiates. Cvantus designers are true professionals of their industry, with more than 20 years of expert knowledge of the latest eyewear fashion and technologies. Because of this, we truly believe that Cvantus eyewear is a perfect fit for even the strictest requirements of the 21st century consumer: it’s comfortable, fashionable and affordable!

Lens cleaner refill 25.09.2019. - 31.12.2019.

Trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

Buy one bottle of lens cleaning solution and get as many refills as you want FOR FREE!

See you in VIZIONETTE shop!

Eyewear starting from 40 EUR 25.09.2019. - 31.12.2019.

Buy eyewear starting from 40 EUR (frame + 2 lenses + production).

Buy two and get each for 30 EUR.

Find out more from consultants at our shops.

EYE SPA 25.09.2019. - 31.12.2019.

Use the opportunity to pamper your eyes with a light air pressure massage to reduce dark circles, improve blood circulation and simply relax.

See you in VIZIONETTE shop!

Pasargā savas acis no noguruma! 10.12.2019. - 27.12.2019.

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