Cheese DŽIUGAS® is an international trademark of hard cheese established in Lithuania, which resulted in opening of the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House.

The Cheese DŽIUGAS® House is the embassy of cheese DŽIUGAS®, which not only sells cheese DŽIUGAS® of various maturation stages and gourmet supplements, but also creates a cosy atmosphere for enjoyable communication and delicious discoveries.

Products: hard cheese DŽIUGAS®, various products with cheese DŽIUGAS®, complementary products, drinks, gift baskets with cheese DŽIUGAS® and accessories for serving cheese and cooking marked with DŽIUGAS® brand.

The products offered at the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House are marked with DŽIUGAS® brand. Cheese DŽIUGAS® is supplied to the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House by Žemaitijos Pienas, Lithuania.

Services: catering service and organisation of tasting. All services are provided by the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House staff. The main quality requirements to the provided services are professionalism. In the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House customers are served, and tastings are conducted by specialists. The staff is trained prior to the commencement of work, and subsequently their competence is periodically improved.

The Mission of the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House is to provide customers with exceptional value by fostering the traditions of cheese DŽIUGAS® and creating authentic and unique experiences related to the use of cheese and associated products.

Vision of the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House: to become a leader in gourmet consumption of authentic hard cheese.

The assortment of the Cheese DŽIUGAS® House consists of the following product groups:

  • Hard cheese DŽIUGAS of 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months maturity;
  • Products made using cheese DŽIUGAS®: cakes, pies, sweets, sandwiches, spreads and other snacks;
  • Products that pair well with cheese DŽIUGAS®: olives, balsamic vinegars, jams, honey;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: coffee, tea, juice, water (carbonated, non-carbonated), soft drinks;
  • Alcoholic beverages: wine, brandy, whiskey;
  • Ice cream: of cheese DŽIUGAS® and other flavours.

We guarantee the widest range of cheese DŽIUGAS, the right price and quality ratio, a cosy environment that has been appreciated by every customer.

We promise an impeccable supply of the widest range of the top quality hard cheese DŽIUGAS®.
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