Concept-shop Belleti – it is your ticket to world of modern and quality shoes, bags and accessories.

At all times fashion dictated rules, demanding rigorous selection of shoes and accessories.

Modern criteria of wear selection not so strict, on the contrary, it encourages a diversity and expression.

Let your inspiration free – at new concept-shop Beletti you will find footwear as well as right accessories for all tastes and for every occasion.

Concept-shop Beletti will please you with wide selection of:

  • genuine leather shoes and bags
  • genuine leather belts and purses
  • scarves
  • jewelry
  • stylish bag pendants

Also concept-shop Beletti presents two brands Shoe Boy’s and Solitaire, which meets the highest care standards of genuine leather.

Style, fashion, image – this is all Beletti.

6779 1530

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