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6601 0892
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The mission undertaken by GIVEN is to give jewellery to your dearest ones, and the main heroes of our stores are people – those who love and appreciate their loved ones and take good care of them. The main value of the brand is to give more.

The Given shop offers a new, quick and easy service – buying jewellery by using interest-free payment. The split payment option offers a chance to pay for the total value of the product by making a monthly payment without any interest and overpaying. It is an opportunity to purchase the jewellery that you desire without having to save up and overpay. And now you can get jewellery that you could only dream of buying before! We are used to buying a wide variety of goods, such as phones and refrigerators, by using hire purchase. Now you can do the same with jewellery. It takes only ten minutes to formalise the agreement in our shop – choose your jewellery or a jewellery set, sign the agreement and put your jewellery on!

GIVEN gives more chances to give and to share, to gain without overspending and to save up for other purchases or to buy more products. GIVEN gives more – more freedom, more moments of togetherness, more reasons to indulge, more satisfaction, time, joy of giving, and now – more opportunities to afford more, easier than ever.

Phone: 6601 0892

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