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Evelatus is your reliable partner in the world of mobile devices and accessories, thanks to competent employees and a large number of products. We will always be happy to assist you in any matter, give advices and serve to you. Here you will find the widest range of products for the most affordable prices.

The company began its journey in 2005. Now our stores offer mobile phones from more than 40 manufacturers. In addition to popular brands like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, they include: Ulefone, Doogee, Blackview, and others which you can purchase at the Evelatus stores. You can also find accessories for any phone at our stores. These can be: earphones, tempered glass, cables, chargers, cases, car holders and much more. Evelatus also produces high quality products under its own brand. The quality of the products is assessed both in Latvia and by partners abroad. At the moment, the company Evelatus has 45 different products of its own production.

Телефон: 2233 4401
Web: www.evelatus.lv

Предложения магазина

1+1 pērkot telefona maciņu saņem otru dāvanā! 02.01.2020. - 31.01.2020.
Lieliska dāvana - personalizēts tālruņa maciņš! 30.01.2020. - 30.01.2020.

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